How to find cheap accommodation

With the technology present today, it’s become much easier to navigate through the cities and explore sites that are worth seeing without the error of getting lost – at least, compared to compasses and maps. Remove that uncertainty to enter a foreign territory because of these known devices, you can travel through with ease.

It will always be a big plus if you will be able to score an affordable room to stay in while getting the most decent accommodations. It will be the complete package to have a really exciting, stressful-free exploration, right?


Finding the cheapest accommodation for you

There’s always been a stigma wherein hostels are too dirty and cramped to live in. However, this is untrue because modern hostels are pristine and comfortable to stay in with greater facilities and services that most hotels don’t offer.

Another way to get cheap accommodation that has also been around for a long time is the home exchange program. This is most applicable to people who have their own real estate property. Both parties should agree with the other party staying in their house until a certain date.


Although this might seem like a big no for you, the idea of the other person trusting you with their own items is also something you should consider. This is a cheaper way to rent a house when staying in a different country.

There are applications that can be really useful in finding your temporary safe haven. A great travel-buddy is Airbnb wherein it binds a contract between two parties through online booking; easy as that!


Yet, if you are still not into those, there are hotels that post coupon codes and exclusive deals on websites. This can offer big discounts that could reach 80% or more!

Once you’ve decided and settled in a room that’s affordable than you’d expect, that’s enough to get yourself cozy through the night or how long your stay might be (plus, there’s more money to spend on souvenirs and whatnots!)

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