Do and don’t when traveling to the USA

Beliefs, cultures, and traditions are distinct in each country. Whenever going to a foreign country, these are the things you should consider because you never know if your actions are offensive or taboo.

Preventing oneself from doing what they consider offensive is the least you could do to extend a sense of rapport, may it be a stranger you pass along on the busy streets. To save you from the shame of making a fool of yourself, here are the things you have to remind yourself.


What to know when in the USA

Always carry your credit card with you because there are some places wherein paying in cash is more expensive. Americans also use credit cards for identity purposes. There are also places that only accept payments through your credit card.

There are states that require you to give tips to workers since this has been part of the US culture. When you receive good service from servers, don’t forget to give them a good tip since their salary or wage depends on the number of tips that they get.


Policies are strict around the state so make sure to abide them. There are areas that restrict smoking; so, limit your smoking. If you plan to rent a car, be mindful of their traffic laws that have been strictly imposed.


Don’t try to go to all the tourist destinations. Going to these places when you have a limited amount of days to explore around would serve the opposite purpose of relaxing and having a stress-free vacation. You won’t be able to enjoy the sites when you’re overwhelmed with pressuring yourself into fitting your schedule to see all of it.

For a very enjoyable trip, don’t forget to keep being nice and polite to the people around you and smile. Remember that a smile could go a long way in someone’s life. So, this won’t just leave you a remarkable vacation but also send out the good vibes to others. You’re all set to go!

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